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Myoreflextherapy as a causal-functional treatment:

The myoreflextherapy, invented by Dr. Kurt Mosetter, is a neuromuscular therapy, that specifically aims at the removal of pain and a dysfunctional musculoskeletal system. Stimulation of specific pressurepoints at the muscle origins and insertions provokes a regulatory countermotion in the neuralcenter of movement, leading to immediate release of pain and tension. By selective treatment of the tense muscular strands it is also possible to solve psychic regulative dysfunctions (ADD, ADHD-PI, depression, burnout-syndrome, traumata). The method of treatment leans on the following sources of insight: functional anatomy and orthopaedy, individual painbiography, biochemistry and neurobiochemistry, biomechanics and biokinematics, psychotraumatology, medical sciences, traditional chinese medicine/acupuncture, brain research.

What is pain and what is it caused by?

By the myoreflextherapy, pain is regarded as a protective measure of the body’s organism. Tense, respectively shortened muscle fibres (at the origin/insertion), which result from monotone stress, relieving postures, accidents/injuries, may cause blockages of nerves, organs, vasculature, the skeleton or in the psychic sector. A natural consequence of this imbalance is pain, disturbed biomechanics or (psychic) unease. Caused by a functional connectivity dysfunction between the atlanto(-axial/-occipital) joint and the jaw and ears, dizziness, vision disorders, dysphagia (swallowing problems), dysgeusia (impared flavour recognition abilities), logopaedic problems (disturbance of speech) and tinnitus.

What else may be effectively treated?

Pain in the cervical and lumbar spine (lumbago), herniated disc, shoulder aches, tennis elbow, knee dysfunctions, shoulder-arm-sydromes, fibromyalgia, whiplash injury, functional joint blockages (arthritis, arthrosis, scoliosis), organic dysfunctions (functional high blood pressure), cardiovascular diseases, functional breathing problems (asthma).

How is the treatment conducted?

Within a muscle chain of an affected muscle movement is simulated. The therapist scans for the muscle part with overly high tone and increases the tone even further by applying point-pressure. Thereby the motoric center recognizes the existing overtension. The brains motoric center immediately reacts by releasing the muscle tone due to the reciprocal- anticipatory reflex. The releasing and extending of the affected muscle leads to biomechanical regulation. Additionally to the sore part, the region of its counterpart (antagonist) is released. Irritated and aching structures (arthrosis, inflammation) are relieved consequently the pain is eased.

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